National Construction Training Services (NCTS) is helping train a new generation of roofers through its industry-recognised, CITB-funded assessments.

NCTS have recently recruited eight assessors who will receive NSAC training to become qualified assessors. Once they have qualified they will visit construction sites and analyse the workforce as a first step to helping them gain a Level 2 NVQ qualification. The ‘On Site Assessment Training’ (OSAT) programme focuses on the following roofing applications: lead and hard metal; roof sheet cladding and rainscreens; roof slate and tiling; waterproofing, built-up felt and single-ply. People with experience in these methods are invited to apply for an OSAT place.

Assessments will consider candidates’ on-site performance; their skills and abidance to practices such as health and safety. Trainees and employers will be provided with a detailed report on their performance whilst outlining areas of improvement where necessary. Candidates enrolling for an NVQ can apply for a trainee card that allows them entry and the right to work at CSCS cardholder-only sites. Once the Level 2 NVQ qualification has been achieved they can apply for a Skilled Worker CSCS (blue card).

Jayne Fergusson, Operations Director at NCTS, said: “The OSAT programme is part of our commitment to infusing roofers of all ages and gender with the skills and a nationally-recognised qualification to help them maximise their career potential. Possession of a CSCS card, for example, is particularly important following the withdrawal of the Construction Related Occupation (CRO) card, which has led to some operatives being denied access to sites.”

A total of 100 OSAT-funded places are available via NCTS.

Jayne Fergusson added: “The construction industry is faced with an alarming shortfall in the number of skilled workers joining the sector. The OSAT programme, aided by experienced assessors, will help address that issue by providing trainees with the confidence and ability they need to succeed.”

For more information on the OSAT programme, contact us.