National Construction Training Services (NCTS) is committed to providing specialist training to the Roofing Industry and is open to anyone who requires access from construction employers, manufacturers, associated industries or those looking to develop or start a career in the industry.

The primary function of the NCTS is to provide accessible training to develop skills, share knowledge and give advice and guidance throughout the construction industry, specialising in the Roofing disciplines.

With experts predicting that the roofing industry will have a shortfall of some 100,000 skilled crafts people over the next 3 years to meet demand for new building projects we believe that its companies like NCTS to take initiative and do our utmost to persuade youngsters to take up tools, ‘skill-up’ and become the workforce of tomorrow.

If you would like to share our commitment and dedication to inspire and educate roofers across the country please get in touch to find out more about becoming a Sponsor.