Profiling Self-Assessment Report – Hard Metals

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    Module 1 - Flashing Details




    Single lock welt

    Double lock welt

    Batten cap

    Corner gusset

    Front apron

    Back gutter

    Stepped flashings

    Internal corner front apron




    Clipping to free edges


    Roof penetrations

    Abutment details

    Complete chimney flashings to stack

    Module 2 – Gutters and Weathering

    Parapet capping

    Cornice coverings

    Cornice coverings with pipe penetration

    Catch pit and chute outlets

    Box gutters

    Tapered gutters

    Preformed half round gutters

    Expansion joints

    Rainwater down pipes

    Module 3 – Flat, Pitched and curved roofing

    Profiling trays-batten roll system with batten roll ends

    Profiling trays-standing seam roof with ridge details and eaves apron


    Verge, soffit and facia details

    Curving-convex with curved verge

    Curving -concave


    Module 4 – Cladding and Dormers

    Dormer windows – Dormer flat tops

    Dormer windows - curved top

    Cladding – Profiling trays-wall cladding traditionally fixed vertical standing seams and batten rolls

    Wall cladding manufactured systems

    Module 5 – Ornamental Hard Metals

    Profiled domes



    Profiled cupolas

    Rainwater heads/pipes

    Decorative finials

    To assist in the evaluation of your previous experience and knowledge would you please outline below the position(s) you have held, and the type of work carried out and year:

    Position and experience

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