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    A. Flashing Details - Description.

    Soakers and step flash

    Bossed and welded front apron

    Step and cover flashings (basic and to tiles)

    Apron flashing internal corner

    Apron flashing to profiled and deeply profiled tiles

    Bossed and welded back gutter

    Butt and lap weld

    Patch Repairs

    Complete Chimney flashings

    Saddle, slate and ridge roll with drips

    B. Weatherings - Description.

    Welted parapet capping

    Cornice details with welts

    Cornice with wood roll and penetrations

    Chute outlet (welded)

    Catch pit (welded)

    Gutter drips (bossed)

    Gutter drips (welded)

    C. Flat and Pitched Roofs - Description.

    Roll ends/roll ends to abutments (bossed)

    Roll ends/roll ends to abutments (welded)

    Wood cored rolls staggered (bossed/welded)

    Wood cored rolls in line (bossed/welded)

    Wood cored rolls in line drip above 3º

    Wood corned rolls laps in time (pitched roof)

    Hollow roll Details

    D. Cladding and Dormers - Description.

    Dormer Windows

    Flat tops

    Curved or barrel-vaulted tops


    Vertical or mansard surfaces

    Preformed panels

    Herringbone Details

    E. Ornamental Leadwork - Description.

    If you have worked on any of the following ornamental details, please tick.




    Rainwater heads/pipes

    Sand casting

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