National Construction Training Services (NCTS) has launched this month with the provision of a Centre of Excellence for roofing skills. This unique, nationwide programme enables roofing contractors to access specialist roofing lead and hard metals training more locally to them.

Working closely with roofing federations, local roof training groups and other key industry stakeholders NCTS is able to deliver the highest levels of training to anyone looking to develop their skills or indeed start a career in the roofing industry.

NCTS commitment is to ensure all students can develop the confidence and knowledge they need to solidify their future in the construction industry. Offering a hugely flexible curriculum NCTS is able to tailor courses to individual roofing contractor’s requirements in a location which works for them.

Courses are developed to help every level of skill, from beginner to skilled tradesmen and will seek to provide a positive impact on the growing skills shortage facing the UK’s construction sector. By focusing on vocational apprenticeships, upskilling and assessing workers in key areas such as lead, hard metals, copper, zinc, stainless steel and heritage leadwork skills NCTS is able to ensure a future for the UK’s roofing sector. Applying training in innovative and modern techniques means there is an opportunity for workers to have pride and confidence in the jobs they do. This will help with retention and will attract a new generation of roofers.

NCTS is proud to be working towards the goal of ensuring that the sector-wide issue of skills and quality is being answered through their dedication. They recognise that a fully developed training path is essential to fulfilling this goal. With targets for the industry’s annual recruitment requirement of 46,000 operatives by 2018 the need for developing these key training programmes is needed more than ever. NCTS differs because of the importance it is placing not just on new workers but also upskilling to reduce the churn rates and keep workers in the sector.

A spokesperson from NCTS said “NCTS provides much needed support to the industry and is working closely with federations and employers to support strategic training needs”. The industry is looking for support across a range of priorities that NCTS is confident it can help to solve.

By reducing the skills shortage, increasing access to training, providing nationwide assessment programs and increasing the number of trainers available across the UK NCTS can ensure that a career in roofing, and the image of the industry, continues to improve.

NCTS believe that roofing is a desirable and highly-skilled job which can lead to a real passion for the work if taught and nurtured correctly. The trainers and support offered by NCTS can help to nurture these passions and ensure the future of roofing is in safe hands.

To find out more about NCTS and its courses you can contact us on 01992 801914 or email on