Slating and Tiling Self-Assessment

This profiling form has been developed to assist your Assessor to determine your overall existing experience and knowledge to be able to prepare a bespoke training programme in order for you to achieve the Slating and Tiling NVQ Level 2 qualification.

It is vital therefore that the questions are answered as accurately as possible.

    Job (please indicate)

    How did you hear about us?

    Health & Safety & general knowledge.

    Questions - please tick box as appropriate

    Are you aware of the following health & safety requirements?

    A. Correct use of scaffolding

    B. Correct use of ladders

    C. Maintenance and correct use of PPE

    D. Use & suitability of fire extinguishers

    E. Emergency and first aid procedures

    F. Reasons for site security and safety

    G. Safe handling of materials

    H. Communicate and work with others on site

    I. Communicate with site manager or supervisor

    J. Complete job cards / time sheets

    K. Check delivery notes etc.

    L. Dust suppression for disc cutting of roof tiles and fittings

    Preparation - Do you know the procedure to check a roof for suitability in preparation to install a roof covering?.

    L. Line & level of structure.

    M. Datums and setting out points.

    N. Check for suitability of materials.

    O. Check materials for quality and quantity.

    P. Ensure that tools and equipment are suitable and in good condition

    Q. Who to report any problems or queries to

    R. How to interpret & utilize drawings, specifications, manufacturers information and data

    Installation processes.

    1. Do you work from on your own initiative and information provided to install any of the following?

    1a. Install underlay and battens

    1b. Underlay support trays

    1c. Eaves ventilation products (including bird combs)

    1d. Setting out to install Interlocking Tiles

    1e. Setting out to install Plain Tiles

    1f. Setting out to install Natural Slates

    1g. Install Natural Slates coverings (vertical areas)

    1h. Install Interlocking coverings (pitched roofs) to standard details

    1i. Install Plain Tile coverings (pitched roofs) to standard details

    1j. Install Plain Tile coverings (vertical areas)

    1k. Install purpose made valley tiles for plain tiles

    1l. Install bonnet or arris hip tiles for plain tiles

    1m. Install lead soil pipe slates

    1n. Install soakers and saddles

    1o. Install dry ridge and hips

    1p. Install bedded ridge & hips

    1q. Install dry verge systems

    1r. Install bedded verge details

    1s. Roof windows

    2. Are you aware of the various uses and materials for introducing ventilation into the roof space?.

    2a. At eaves level

    2b. At roof area. slate or tile

    2c. At ridge or abutment level

    3. Refurbishment work.

    3a. Have you removed & reused old tiles or slates in a reroof situation?

    3b. Are you conversant with ways of assessing old roof structures for re-roofing?

    3c. Are you conversant in assessing old tiles or slates as to their suitability for reuse?

    4. Repairs.

    4a. Have you carried out repairs to damaged clay plain tiles?

    4b. Have you carried out repairs to natural slate roofs?

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    5 Job information & checking.

    5a. Do you check your finished work against the original paperwork?