Welding Leadwork Training Course

Course outline:
Neatness, uniformity and finished appearance are attributes which determine the skill level of a Leadworker.

This Welding course teaches the stages and techniques required to get you to an accomplished standard when fixing Lead sheet. This includes when the metal needs to be cut and welded to another sheet, perhaps to protect where there is a projection through a roof, such as a pipe or chimney.

Lead sheets are welded together by the controlled melting of Lead rods onto the join to bond the sheets together and provide a homogeneous joint. A high degree of skill and knowledge is required, as this must be achieved without compromising the weatherproofing quality of the installation.

Through practical application you will develop the skills to tackle most welding situations found on site including butt, lap, fillet incline and vertical.

Course duration:
Three days.

Or can be combined with Bossing for a five-day course.

For further information or any enquiries email training@ncts.org.uk or ring 01992 801914

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